LOVINGYOU site Renewal work is completed

2017-02-20 08:54


1. Design Change

We deleted the existing unnecessary menu and changed the overall design.


2. PayPal Interworking

With paypal interworking, you can pay easily and safely anywhere in the world.

You can make a booking by cash deposit method and card payment method same as existing shopping mall use.


3. Yahoo Finance Interworking

Yahoo! Finance service and PayPal service are linked and real-time exchange rate is automatically applied.

Now you do not need to be individually calculated for the payment exchange.

All currencies will be changed to USD.


4. Facebook video & YouTube Interworking

We have reduced unnecessary server usage by YouTube and Facebook videos on video pages.


5. The introduction of CDN services

With CloudFront, Amazon's CDN service, you can now connect at the same high speed anywhere in the world.

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